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Adware. Spyware. Pesky pop up ads. Internet congestion. Computer malfunctions of every kind. Obviously, you’re infected! Before you read this article, there’s something wrong with your PC. You should scan your computer ASAP. Antivirus Security Antivirus Security Antivirus Security Antivirus Security


Sadly, there is no standard name for it, nor is it an easily identifiable bug. Some victims of malware send out more than a billion copies of themselves at a time. Worse, some victims are pushed to open unauthorized websites to download dangerous codes, or get deceived into entering malicious websites by threats in pop-up ads, etc.


Your computer is undoubtedly infected! Malware uses up your computer’s resources and slows down your work to a crawl. Your hard drive and memory may also be breached if the malware manages to break into your PC. Other forms of malware enter your PC through unauthorized or suspicious-looking websites, when you click on “Hey, click me!” links that promise free gift certificates, etc.


So, what does it mean to be infected? Here are some symptoms to help you identify a malware infection:


— Slowing down of hard drive or memory for no apparent reason


— Emails delivered to you with no subject or concerning message


— Pop-up ads that promise to end all problems, or “cleanse” your PC


— Search results of a particular keyword for up to 24 hours, depending on the keyword you entered


— Computer hard drive filling up for no apparent reason


These are just some symptoms of a malware infection. Remember that malware is software meant to infiltrate your computer and harm it. It enters your PC through unwanted or suspicious-looking website, when you enter your username and password on their web site, etc.


With this malicious software, don’t be fooled. Even an infection isn’t that serious if you eliminate all chances for it to happen. Free antivirus software is loaded with all kinds of adware and spyware. Have you ever wondered why you computer seems sluggish and your internet connection is not working properly?


There are simple answers to these questions:


— Malware is a program that apparently does nothing but install and run itself every time you boot your computer. It gets into your computer through hoaxes, and is sometimes installed by Trojans.


— ActiveX, web browsers, Intelligent Software Directory (ISD) and other common installers install malicious code onto your computer through a variety of methods, including spyware programs that “phone home” to the installers.


— From there, the malicious code downloads and executes the malicious code, which is really what this type of program was designed to do.


Deceptive adware: A somewhat more serious type of virus that maintains a list of visits to web sites, visits to which are tracked and sent to advertisers through cookies, is concerned with tracking and sending marketers relevant information so that they send you relevant adverts. Although this type of virus does not deliver a “virulent” payload that will cause your computer to crash, it can still cause your computer to slow down considerably.


How to quickly rid yourself of malicious Trojan horse ads?


The fastest method would be to download a malware removal software and have it automatically find and eliminate all the Trojans to restore your system to its previous state.

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